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About Us

Our Managing Team:

Adarsh Baranwal (Creator) )

SHORT BIO: Adarsh Baranwal is a young entrepreneur who has a clear vision to provide the best platform to the buyer for choosing things not for personal but also for corporate needs of India. He is the founder of Custowish, an online customization store. He leads the team in an organized manner which publishes the best output in the Indian Market.

Dhananjay Prasad Baranwal (Patronage & Mentor )

SHORT BIO: Dhananjay Prasad Baranwal has a 25 years of experience in Financial Sector and currently working in IA&AD Department. He is the patronage and mentor of Custowish, an online customization store. He guides in executing several decisions which help us to serve to the people in a better way.

Snesh Suchitan Modi ( Mentor )

SHORT BIO: Snesh Suchitan Modi is a gold medalist is Mathematics Olympiad and has also won many more shields. He is the mentor as well as a very important part of our Custowish family. He motivates the crew so as to bring the best out of them.

Dimple Jain ( Digital Marketing Head )

SHORT BIO: Dimple Jain has completed graduation in B.Com International Marketing and presently pursuing as Digital Marketer. She is a passionate reader and even a book reviewer. One can get to see her reviews on

Nitesh Mishra ( Marketing Administrator)

SHORT BIO: Nitesh Mishra is an Indian Hindi Poet who regaled and enthralled his audience through his soulful and unique style couplet of Poetry. He has constantly drawn appreciation for his grip on romanticism which is flavoured with his intellectual attitude and soul touching voice.


Our story

Welcome to the world of ---- One of the India’s fastest growing online portal for customizing and printing articles. We have a good collection of classy and exclusively personalized product ranging right from the own consumption, to the products ideal for gifting. Our team firmly believe in maintaining the quality of the product and provide the best to you. And you can also easily grab deals on the latest phone covers, cushions, rings, pendants, passport covers and many more items. If you are looking for the customization that you have never experienced then you are surely at the right place. We will be happy to serve you and take special care of your personal and corporate needs.

Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn't really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while.

Adarsh Baranwal (Founder & CEO )